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Company Name A-COOP Saga Incorporated
Company History March, 1971 Company established (E-COOP Tosu was opened in Tosu City)
April, 1997 Opened Fureai Plaza Laravel as a consumers' center in Kashima city
April, 2007 Took over operation of A-COOP shops in Saga Prefecture
April, 2015 Took over restaurant and meat operations from Saga JA
Business Year April 1 through March 31
Address Headquarters Base: 2-1 Sakaemachi, Saga
Headquarters Office: 3041 Ogino, Oza, Kasemachi, Saga
Operations Office: 1848-17 Kamiizumi, Oaza, Kuboizumimachi, Saga (Meat operations)
Catital 483,000,000 yen
Shareholders JA Saga
JA Karatsu
JA Imari
JA Zennoh
Sales 13,900,000,000 yen (expected sales for the 2015 fiscal year)
Shops A-COOP Shops: 26 in Saga Prefecture
Restaurants: (3 in Saga Prefecture, also located in Tokyo and Fukuoka)
Number of staff members 737 (of which 234 are official employees)

Business Philosophy

"For our customers to be at ease knowing we have poured our hearts into preparing food to a high standard."

Company Creed

- To be a reliable, trustworthy bridge connecting farmers and consumers.

- To promote farming in Saga and increase the income of farmers by contributing to the increased selling and consumption of Saga-produced meats and produce.

- To create a seasonal atmosphere in our stores and restaurants and by so doing create a satisfying and special experience for our customers.

- To serve fresh ingredients and provide high quality service.

- To contribute to the community through involvement in food and agriculture, education, and lifestyle cultural activities.

In order to heighten our level of expertise, we have recently changed the management of our restaurants from direct management by JA Saga to management by A-COOP Saga Inc., a subsidiary company of JA Saga.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank our many customers who have frequented our restaurants over the years and ask that you will continue to dine with us in the future.

Our company's motto is "for our customers to be at ease knowing we have poured our hearts into preparing food to a high standard" and we will continue to strive towards greater levels of customer satisfaction now and in the future, providing seasonal cuisine and high quality service, always serving fresh ingredients, so as to act as a bridge connecting our farmers and consumers.

We also desire to further develop our unique characteristic as JA restaurants and, through various endeavors related to food and farming, contribute to the community by furthering agricultural development and supporting the continuation of local community culture and lifestyle.

We would appreciate your continued support and guidance, and look forward to continuing to serve you both now and in the future.

A-COOP Saga Inc. Business Stance

  • As a seller of Japanese farm produce, we will serve as a trustworthy bridge that connects farmers and consumers.
  • In order to always provide fresh and safe farm goods, we will always prioritize the use of products from Saga prefecture or Japanese products.
  • In partnership with local JA branches, we will support JA's food and agriculture education by establishing farm produce corners in our stores where consumers can buy direct from local farmers and, in doing so, promote local production for local consumption and provide hands on experience of farming and food.
  • The partnership between local JA branches and A-COOP stores nationwide should lead to expansion of the Japanese produce market.